Home is the place where you are the most comfortable for that apartments in

the Neve Behça Evler project It will save you feeling and make you feel happy.

Enjoy Nef Bahçelievler's beautiful weather whenever you want

being alone with your book, watching the blue sky or taking a walk

private with friends in the terrace picnic areas and sports activities areas

and boats where you can ride privately in addition to cinema and everything you need

to make you happy in the garden, the project provides you with a home in one

of the most desirable areas in Istanbul for its unique culture and lifestyle;

A house designed by the best designers in a world where

your children can be happy to have:

Kids club

Children's market

Children's play area

Street playground

Wall art

A tent specially designed for children


Tree house

Bicycle station

The project is:

Ataturk Airport is 5.9 km

One World Trade Center 5.2 km

Kultur University 4.4 km

Sinan Erdem Sports Hall 3.4 km

Bakirkoy State Hospital 2.2 km

Medicana Hospital 875 m

Bahcelievler State Hospital 2.9 km

Istanbul Aydin University 1.5 km

Marmara Forum 1.6 km

1.6 km Ethica Hospital

Memorial Hospital 1.6 km away

Marmara University 1.6 km

Bakirkoy Court 1.8 km

Yeni Yezil University 2.5 km away

Yildiz Technical University 2.3 km

Project specifications:

Land area: 66.326 m2

Green area: 22,000 m2

Delivery times and type of housing units:

A1 Building 05/2021

B2 Building 08/2021

A2 Building 05/2021

A3 build 05/2021

B3 Build 08/2021

Social facilities:

Indoor swimming pool


Turkish bath

Children's playground

Football, basketball and volleyball

Indoor and outdoor playgrounds

Indoor and outdoor cinema

Concert Hall

guest room

Games room

Music room

Indoor car park

Stunning views

The project provides access to:

Metro, buses, tram stops, next to Kale Center shopping mall

Suitable for obtaining citizenship

There is no cost to the title

Rooms System :
4 1 1 273 m
Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes


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