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On an attempt from us to help the first time buyers or the real estate investors, who decided to enter the real estate market in any place , we provide you -Aqar Bazar- An international Arabic website specialized in providing real estate services. Aqar Bazar website for real estate marketing is the most trusted and truthfulness website for the agents and real estate companies. The website provides many services that could help you to make it easier for you weather in the marketing or research process.

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What is the type of the property that you are looking for in real estate website? What is the purpose of the new property? Buying a property or rent it ... The website is compatible with all the different browsers , devices, phones, and different screens. The website pages are compatible with all the search engines and SEO. The website contains a huge number of main sections and subsection " real estate " to display the properties and the projects of the company in a professional and organized way. Advanced search feature: Provide the whole details of the property

_ the location of the property ( street, region, city, .. ), the state of the property ( rent , sale, commercial for sale , commercial for rent), The type of the property ( an apartment, Villa, store, apartment complex ), The area of the property, Pictures for the property, The components of the property ( the number of the rooms, bathrooms, stairs.... etc?), the description, the price, This site has been linked to other websites like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Google plus, linked in ..... etc. With slider system to display the unique units in an elegant way .

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